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We are experts in embedding change in your organization. We believe that complex transformations happen at the intersection of business strategy, technology transformation and change management. Our services focus on providing an end-to-end service for your complex (digital) transformation.

Business Consultancy
We bring together our strategic and management consultancy skills with our knowledge of IT and organizational change to execute successful change projects. We do this by helping organizations and government agencies in defining, guiding and realizing organizational and societal objectives.

Organizations, both government and private sector, are facing major transformation agendas, driven by COVID-19, energy transition, nitrogen crisis, changes within supply chains, among others.

Our team has a proven track record in strategic consulting, IT assessments, (IT) organizational modeling & transformation and interim management. Our goal is to help people build sustainable (IT) organizations that meet the needs of both the organization and the employee, and are able to thrive within the digital economy.

We do this through our services in Business Management Consultancy, Technology Transformation, Organization & Change and Interim Management.


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Project Management

Our Project Management Practice employs highly skilled program and project managers who deliver these complex change projects from start to finish, for and with the client.

We have a very diverse pool of project managers, each with their own talent. Depending on the client’s needs, we have a suitable project manager or team of project managers to solve this challenge. We ensure the right balance by combining young talent with experienced project managers so that we can bring broad and up-to-date knowledge to our execution.

We do this through our services in the areas of Project & Program Management, Change Management and Implementation Management.

Process Management

We help organizations achieve strategy and transformation through the implementation of ITs Target Operating Model (TOM). This includes mapping the services, processes, governance and IT.  In addition, we help identify bottlenecks, optimize the process with appropriate IT support and implement it.
Within the practice, we have different areas of expertise to properly guide each step of the transformation. By implementing the ITs Target Operating Model, organizations can take continuous steps in their organizational development to become more efficient, effective and predictable.

We facilitate digital transformation processes for executives

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