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ITsPeople works with its clients to improve their competitiveness in a rapidly changing business environment. With our unique approach, we focus on strategy implementation and realizing complex transformations. We do this for clients in finance, government, healthcare and industry, among others.

Our team consists of people who are all bursting with ambition and feel the urge to make a social and societal impact. By bringing together top talent from different backgrounds, we see the complexities of transformation from different perspectives and can offer a holistic view of how to tackle the most complex transformations.

At ITsPeople, we understand that it takes time and effort to make a change in an organization. We work for people and are committed to delivering solutions that help solve the client’s problems. We work with the client toward the best solution that can be supported by the organization, during the transformation and beyond. A frequently heard statement from our clients is that ITsPeople is “the first & last line of defense” and is always able to find a solution that fits the organization.

We believe that sustainable change always runs across the axis of people. We are experts in embedding the change in the organization, throughout the realization of the transformation. From designing a target operating model to fully realizing the desired and often necessary change, we offer an end-to-end service in realizing transformations.

The key to success in all transformations is the extent to which people within the client organization adopt the change and become the drivers of change. With inspiring leadership, we connect the organization, people and technology towards a successful transformation!

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Revolutionizing the information society by harnessing the power of AI to overcome information overload, streamline processes, and drive intelligent decision-making.


At ITsPeople, we are dedicated to empowering businesses with cutting-edge AI solutions that transform information management, boost efficiency, and enable data-driven decisions, setting the stage for continued success and competitive advantage.


Leveraging the TOM Methodology and maturity modeling, we strategically drive digital transformation by harmoniously balancing people, processes, and technology, fostering a systematic approach that accelerates growth, optimizes performance, and ensures sustainable success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


At ITsPeople, we cultivate a culture of continuous personal growth and collaborative innovation, empowering our team to drive the transformation of the information society, and fostering a supportive environment where each individual can flourish and contribute to our shared vision.

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